where can i buy stromectol On the last Thursday of every month we host a laundry ministry event called White as Snow. We invite the community to bring their clothes, and we provide the quarters, detergent, donated clothes, and a warm meal.

order Seroquel online Schedule of Events:

9:30pm – Volunteers Arrive

10:00pm – First load of  laundry, followed by worship &  Bible study/message

10:45 – Second load of laundry, followed by dinner & fellowship

12:00 – Clean Up

scarcely How to Help:

  • Volunteers to help visitors with their laundry, or simply be a friendly face to offer conversation
  • Provide a ride for a visitor who may have trouble carrying their laundry alone by bus
  • Bring 2 large tubs of laundry detergent, 2 bottles of bleach, 2 bottles of liquid fabric softner, or two boxes of dryer sheets
  • Help provide dinner with paper goods such as Styrofoam containers, heavy paper plates, cases of water, napkins and forks.
  • Donate $350 to sponsor an entire evening

If you would like to attend or sponsor a White as Snow night, contact dion@brokenheartsministy.org

White as Snow Flyer





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