Prayer Requests 12.12.08

Please pray for “Cassandra”,  that he would get to know God more and more and  that God would put conviction on his heart.And for,  Bear, that God will start to bring him back to him again. Also, pray that the tumors in his feet and the cancer won’t take
him before God brings him back. Pray that he will start to be optimistic
about all the little blessings he still has in life.

 Prayer Requests 11.25.08

Pray for Bear. He believes that God is done with him and he is now done with God. Both his wife and son died a number of years ago. He is a Messianic Jew and has been rejected by the synagogue because of his belief in Jesus. He used to be a pastor of a church until he found a 14yr boy hanging from a rafter in the church. He is now dying of cancer and was told 2 months ago that he only has 3 months to live. He figures he is going to hell because he has turned from God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will soften his heart and restore his faith. He carries much anger. He states that he is now waiting to die.   Please pray for our Thanksgiving dinner this week, that many people from the streets would come and be awakened to the goodness of God and salvation through him

 Prayer Requests 11.07.08

Please pray for Fabian, who is off the streets and doing well in a home. Pray that he stays there and that God would be working in him! Please also pray for “Alex”, who has been wanting to get off of the streets for a while. He wants to move to Oakland

and start over, which would probably be good for him. Pray that he could find a way to do that and that he could find a job there so he doesn’t have to prostitute anymore. My prayer is that we meet someone that (has been coming around for sometime or new out there) is ready to receive Christ and wants nothing else but Him to change their life. Star –  she was beaten up pretty badly which is why we haven’t seen her in a while. She said she was going to school and trying to focus on that more which is really good. But she said she’ll be out on the streets on Friday and Saturday nights still. So just keep her in prayer maybe she needs to realize that God is trying to tell her to get off the streets. First, please pray that the Lord would bless the Friday night branch of Broken Hearts with a vision and place in the community.  Second, pray for the Lord to soften the hearts of the LAPD Wilcox precinct and the shop managers of the 7/11 strip mall.   Hoagies and Wings put the kabash on our (Friday nights) BBQ’s, so we want to get permission to BBQ in the 7/11 parking lot.  Third, pray that the Lord bless us with more divine appointments to establish relationships to sow His seeds through.    Last but not least, please pray for me, Nick Harmon, as I prepare to go visit my mother.  Many years ago my mother deliberately walked away from sound scriptural teachings and the safety that Church living provides Christ’s body.  The tide of this world has swept her away into depression, poverty, and a blindness to things of the Lord and she is in a bad way physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Please pray that she does not attempt to take her own life and the life of my sister.  Also, pray that I would be a faithful vessel of God’s love and compassion while visiting with her and my sister. 
Prayer Requests 10.24.08

Please pray for our team, for those who are dealing with health issues, school, and general busyness in their lives that can be a distraction from keeping God first and having peace. And for this upcoming week in Hollywood, the day before Halloween and the day of, as it will probably be a weekend that Satan could easily have a strong foothold. For Howard: please pray that the Lord would send the Holy Spirit to convict Howard of his sin.  Also pray that He would equip us, the Broken Hearters, with the words, patience, and love to caress Howard’s heart into the Lord’s hands.
 Prayer Requests 10.14.08

Please pray that the Lord would work in the heart of “Matt” the owner of the Theater Asylum.  Pray that he would be willing to donate the theater to Broken Hearts a couple of times a week for church services.  Also, please pray for the relationships that are developing with the Friday night team and “Saul” (the owner of Hot Wings and Hoagies).  Also, finally please pray for me (Nick Harmon) because I need the Lord to light my path clearly in this new season I am entering into.  Thanks for the support. Please pray for Darius.  He isn’t a believer but he continues to come out Thursday nights. Pray that our conversations would be fruitful and God would plant a seed in his heart. He has a lot of reservations about God and I pray that his heart would be softened. PLEASE keep praying for “Siggy”  His heart is truly in the right place.  Pray that he can get his life back on track as far as a job and a home. Pray that “Cassandra”, a transgender the team knows well, would continue to have increased curiosity about Jesus. Prayer Requests 10.02.08

Please pray for “Siggy” that he would be able to find a job this week and a place to stay. For  Naomi and Lucy that God would soften their hearts and that they would ask questions and come to our Bible studies. For “Alex”: That he may be serious about finding a serious job in cosmetology and apply for something this week, and that the Lord will just reign down love on him.JL: That his pains from the electric shock therapy, and exorcism as a child will not hinder his view on Christianity as being a cult anymore. That the Lord will protect him and help him do well in school! And for “Giovanni”: that he would continue to be open to hearing about God and that his uncertain thoughts about Jesus and Christianity would cause him to seek out the truth. And that the Holy Spirit would show him how enslaved he is to sexual sin, masochism and weed.  That he would find his fulfillment in Christ’s love.
Prayer Requests 09.26.08

Please pray for “Ravi”, who is homeless and is tired of sleeping on the streets. He has a job but the pay is not substantial. He has to have surgery soon due to an infection from a previous surgery. He is worried about the expense because he does not have health insurance and has already been denied MediCal. He was told to have a psych eval and depending on diagnosis, he can reapply. He believes in God and accepts Christ as his Savior but does not believe he will see the kingdom of God because of his homosexual lifestyle. He wants a place to rest his head. He wants to feel safe and have peace. And for Justin, who has been prostituting for a few years and doesn’t have a steady place to live. He wants to find a real job incredibly bad, but doesn’t really know how or hasn’t heard back from the places he’s applied to. He is transgender and doesn’t know if his sexual sin is keeping God from blessing him. He knows and believes in God, and may be starting to realize that lifestyle can separate him from God, even though God will always love him. Pray that he’ll seek God and His will and that he can find the resources to get a real job so he can get off the streets. Prayer Requests 09.19.08

“Siggy” – Please pray for his job search, that God would provide him with a good job. And that his newly recommitted life to Christ would continue to grow and be strengthened. “Tony” – That God would invade every area of his life. Even though he loves God, he’s still living under his own truth and doing things his way.  He listens to the Spirit now and has great faith in Christ. And that God would take him away from Hollywood and continue  to grow his desire to do more with his life. Please pray that he continues to maintain the optimism, endurance, and faith he possesses. Pray that he can find the words to minister to his friends “who are wrong in what they do”.JL – Pray that he will be out next Thursday and that we can continue our discussion with him. Yesterday he started crying and saying that he does not like what he is doing, he does not want to be a transgender anymore, and does not know what to do. Pray that the Lord will bring him
back to us so we can continue to minister to him and show him the hope and
love of a new life in Christ Jesus.
“ Jon”:  who has fallen away from his family and congregation but is still desperately seeking the Lord.   Please pray that Jon would be convicted out of his present lifestyle on the streets of Hollywood and back into his congregation to be with his family.  He has a wife a two daughters.
“Saul”:   an elder in the community that the youths look to for advice and encouragement.  Please pray that God would bless him with the gift of faith.  In turn, pray that God would use Saul’s faith to lead others to Himself and into the body.

 Prayer Requests – 09.12.08

Pray for Little Devil, who is there every week. And for “Maury”, who is recently homeless. He sleeps in his car and wants God to provide for him a place to live. He has a relationship with God and he does not understand why God would allow him to be homeless. He also feels like God has given him many gifts (which is really evident if you meet him) and he needs direction with the calling on his life. “Michelle”: a transgender prostitute and former drug addict who we saw a lot last year and just saw again this week. The reason for the long departure was a 2 month jail sentence for prostitution and a year long rehab program that transition him into a home through the Gay and Lesbian center. He has a place to stay, but is still working the streets from time to time. We invited him to The Refuge and he replied “have I ever not come when invited?” because before his departure he had been attending the service regularly. Pray that he would be saved, get out of prostitution, stay sober, and find a life away from Hollywood. And that he would continue attending our bible study, sober and with a heart ready to be molded. The same prayer can be prayed for “Manny” who once again came to our bible study. After the service he had to catch the bus to head home.  But he made it a point to ask if we had a service out here at this time and he said he would be right here same time next week.   Prayer Requests – 09.05.08

Please pray for Mohammad, that his heart would continue to be soft towards us and we can set an example for him of God’s love. “Juan”- Last week  Juan shared with Antquan and David for about 30 minutes about some of the reasons why he is where he is now.  His childhood was filled with a lot of physical and emotional abuse, didn’t ask about sexual yet but there may have been some of that as well.  He had his first encounter with Hollywood at the age of 13.  Some of his older friends accelerated the life of this teenage boy.  He started drinking and party around that same time.  At 14 he reported the abuse to the authorities and was taken out of his house and bounce from home to home running away in between his the many transitions.  In our discussion we both agreed that there were and still have been many opportunities from him to get out of Hollywood; And though he has taken some of them he is right back smack in the middle of it again.  Here are some ways you can pray for him. He is attend LA trade Tech- Pray for perseverance. He has a desire to come out to Hollywood for friends and lifestyle-  Pray that his Identity would be found in Christ and for good friends
He is HIV positive- Pray for Hope when Feeling Hopeless
Tanya-  In our bible study we are going through Romans and a couple of weeks ago we preached on Romans 1 which list a number of sins that this community can identify with, mainly homosexuality.  Tanya was there stayed through out the service and even stayed for prayer and recap after the service.  Here are some ways you can pray for him. He is a currently a Homeless- Pray that he would be willing to take shelter that is offered with no strings attached. He is trans gender-  Pray that he would let God begin a work from the inside out He is currently prostituting to make it.- Pray that he would trust God to provide and that we would be able to assist him in finding a good paying job
He has a background of being in the Church- Pray that he would go back to the place that brings peace, comfort, joy.. you know the rest.  Pray that the Church could be recognized through our ministry and that he would be drawn to God that way.
Prayer Requests 08.29.08 

For “Ernie”:a 17 year-old with a son that he can’t see but misses, and who recently found out that he’s HIV positive and is dealing with it through drugs and alcohol. He knows the truth but hasn’t turned his life over to God yet, but is in so much pain and has been through so much. Please pray that he would turn to God and that God would keep him healthy as long as possible. For  “Manny”: a young man who decided tonight that he needs to make some major changes, get into a shelter, and start turning his life back over to God. Pray that his relationship with God would move beyond just belief and prayer and into a deep, faith-filled, hopeful relationship with Christ. Praise God for bringing 8 visitors out with us this Friday to learn more about BH and for those who expressed interest in continuing with the ministry. What an amazing encouragement to our team, and to those they met on the street! Prayer Requests 08.28.08  Praise Report! “Seth”, a man we met in the donut shop, rededicated his life to Christ tonight. He’s from New Orleans and will be moving back in a few weeks, trying to get out of a difficult situation in Hollywood. He’s a Christian but going through some hard times, and gave his life back to God tonight. Please pray that he’ll remain on that path and seeking after God.For “Lindsey”: a transgender prostitute who has been working the streets for about a year now, living in his car, going from abusive relationship to abusive relationship, and as he put it, “looking angry and like I’m ready to beat someone on the outside, but inside I just feel like crying”. He wants out of this lifestyle and is thinking of trying to get into a shelter or home of some sort. Please pray that he will move forward and commit to changing and that his belief of Jesus and God would turn into a personal relationship.“Will”: that he will access mental health clinic and obtain the medical health he needs so that he can get well. Also, that he will commit his life to Christ and be transformed. For “Brendan”: that he will also feel strengthened to access the mental health care he needs and be free from substance addiction. Also, that he will commit his life to Christ and be transformed. God Bless! Prayer Requests 08.14.08

 Please pray for “Jeremiah”, a 15 year old drug dealer who recently got out of jail and doesn’t want to live at home because his mother is abusive. He’s heard what we’ve told him about Jesus, but doesn’t seem to be able to accept it. Pray for “Ravi”, who is a Christian getting more excited about God. He was homeless but just got into a shelter. Pray that God would continue speaking to him and would provide a job for him, as well as the ability to share Christ with the young men he watches out for on the streets of

Hollywood. And Praise God for Helen and the progress she had made. She is in a Christian shelter, attending church each week, and has been clean of drugs and alcohol for several months!!!God Bless! Prayer Requests – 07.17.08 

Please pray for “Richard”, and 84 year-old man who is completely open to the gospel but hasn’t heard enough about it or Jesus to be willing to believe just yet. Pray that we will continue to see him in Hollywood and be able to keep telling him about Jesus, and that God would open his heart to be receptive.  Please pray for Sterling, who has a past of  struggling with demon-possession, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the homosexual lifestyle. Pray that he would be delivered from those addictions and that demons would no longer be able to control him, and that he would fully surrender to Christ.  Prayer Requests from 05.01.08 

Please pray for 4 kids, all runaways who hang have been hanging out together on the streets for the last month or so. Mary, 18, who left because of abuse at home and could easily be put in danger on the streets and succumb to the lifestyle there. Bobby, 21, who is on the streets, newly out of jail, but planning to go to a sober-living home this weekend with help from one of our team members. Charlie and Katie, 17, dating and ran away together, ’she’ is prostituting ‘herself’ to make money and both doing drugs.  Pray for Matt and Mattey who are atheists. Matt is his father who grew up a Christian then one day “realized” there is no God… Pray for Evan who’s been going to the Thursday night church service, that he would get an understanding of how much better God is than any of the other things he chooses to do.  *names have been changed 

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