Prayer Requests – 01.16.09

Praise the Lord for the work He is doing in the streets of Hollywood. Please pray that God would bless Rick, a homeless local, with the gift faith. Pray that with that faith He would graciously accept any exit plan that the Lord provides for Rick to get off the streets and plugged in to a local congregation. Also, please pray for Nigel and the Lord’s relationship. Nigel has been approaching God on his terms rather than on God’s. Pray for our street corner society (Fam), that the Lord would continue to bless them with a fighting chance to taste and see how good our Lord Jesus is. 


Prayer Requests – 01.12.09

Pray that we would shine Gods light out in Hollywood.  That people out there would not be afraid to come and talk to us about anything. And that God would bring us conversations with people who are hungry and ready for Him. Please pray that God would continue to give us wisdom and vision about where he wants us and how he wants to use us. That he would provide a building for us in the city in His perfect timing. 

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