Prayer Requests 02.28.09

From Thursday Night:

Please pray for ‘Ryan’ who is coming every week and eager to grow and learn. And also for

Naomi that God would soften his heart and that he would get out of the streets.  That he would see that he has potential to do anything he wants as far as having goals and some sort of career.

From Friday Night:

Praise- new ministries are budding on Friday nights

Mike – for clarity of God’s truth in his life and his one year old daughter Miriam.

Jeffrey – living situation with his grandma and he is very stressed out with life right now, salvation

Donna – release from drug addiction, housing, job, mental clarity, God’s love to be manifested to her daily

Spiderman – housing

Charles – God’s truth to pierce his heart, release from addiction

Reggie – pray for the health and safety of his wife and children

Sirivi – that his housing applications will be accepted

Steven and Leo – safety when they are travelling home to Texas on Monday morning

Chris – an open heart to accept the saving grace of Jesus

Thomas – shelter, food, release from addiction

Dimeko – understanding of God’s truth

Star – he is currently living with her mother who is a Christian. pray for that relationship to be strengthened and for Star to accept Christ

Crazy Legs – physical comfort, release from addiction

Prayer Requests 02.20.09 

 Please pray for Kevin and that through his music the Lord would be known to the listeners.  Also, for Tomi’s ministry. That our God would continue to help those with psychiatric problems and heal those that need healing. To do miracles in the people’s lives that he works with and that the glory be to God.  Please also pray for Wayne who we met this past week.  Prayer Requests 02.12.09Nick left a message for a  friend about using a theater in Hollywood for the team to meet at and hold bible studies on Friday nights. Pray that the Lord would work in his heart so that we can gain a building on Santa Monica

 Prayer Requests 02.06.09


 Big Mama is asking for prayer for the house mom at the house she’s at. The woman’s name is Rena, and she is in severe pain because of a back injury.Please pray also for AJ, a young kid who hangs out on the street at lot. At Thanksgiving he had interest in going to church and felt like he had kind of hit rock bottom. But he seems to be getting tangled back up in the world on the streets. Pray that his heart would be open to what God wants to show him and that he would save him from the crazy street life while he’s still young.

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