Prayer Requests 04.17.09

‘K’ and ‘J’ – Immediately after this Thursday’s sermon about finding satisfaction in the work that we do with our hands, K immediately stated, with an almost downtrodden tone, that she is very good at dealing. Her tone then lifted as she continued to list all of the other skills she has. She concluded by informing us that she is 9 days away from completing a Medical Assistant course. She already has the next steps of her new career laid out too. Her boyfriend told us just two skills: basketball and dealing. He doesn’t know anything else. K is the mother of two children and it seems that she is taking her life in the right direction now. Please pray for wisdom, perseverance, patience (with each other), and for God’s will to be done in their lives. Pray for defense against the many attacks they already face and will continue to face from the enemy. They have a way out of his trip and he certainly is not happy about that.

For Nick Harmon: our Friday night ministry leader has been having a lot of car issues. Please pray that God would provide an affordable, reliable car for him as he has to drive to and from school, church, and Hollywood weekly.


He is out of prison.  He was supposed to be in for 120 days at the Wayside South jail but God had told him that he was going to go home early and he indeed got let out earlier.  He witnessed many men get saved in prison on Easter

Daffy: 28 years old, has a 14-year-old son who he hasn’t seen since he’s (Daffy) been locked up.  He just got out a few months ago.  He has been in prison for most his life and would prefer being locked in then living homeless on the streets.  He grew up as a Catholic and believes in God through Jesus but is not “ready” to go to the Refuge because he knows that he will just continue to just leave service doing and thinking bad things.  He is claimed to be one of the most dangerous and sought out criminals in the nation.  He was raised in Compton.
Prayer Requests 04.03.09

For a building in the area (there are a few for lease right now). That God would provide if that is his will, and that funds could be raised and resources provided to run a facility.  As well as wisdom to know what the best way to use the space is, and for creating a business plan for how to run a shelter/community center/coffee shop/ etc.

Nigel – that he would want to beat his dependence on beer and that he would rely fully on God when he is tempted to cover his pain with alcohol.

Viper: a wife of one of the security guards who has numerous health issues.

Rudy: for peace (he does not know how he feels about God. he is 32yrs old and recently lost his virginity to a man with whom he is now estranged.)

Climax: for stability (a transsexual person who is struggling financially)

Spiderman: financial stability

Reggie: better relations with teen daughter

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