buy cenforce 150mg online The adult bookstore is closed!!!! As many of you know BH has prayed for years that God would shut this business down and redeem the space for his kingdom as it fuels a lot of trouble (prostitution & crime) on the street. Pray that God will use this space for his kingdom that His presence would be at the center, even physically, of Santa Monica & Highland where the bookstore is located!

Singkawang  Salvation, addiction, and identity confusion: these are constant prayer requests. We need as many people praying for these issues as possible so we can see breakthrough on the streets of Hollywood!

cheap trick lyrics “Eric”: gave his life to Jesus! Praise God!  He’s been hanging with us a couple of years now but never seemed to pay much attention to the gospel. Pray for his anger problems, that God would wipe them away and change him drastically. Pray that he follows through on his community service he needs to do and that God will give him direction & purpose in life.

Pray Jeremiah 29:11 over our friends–that they would really know that God has a destiny for them and good plans, and know His hope for a life that can be different. Pray for revival as well, for God’s presence and power to be tangible in a way that brings full restoration and healing to our friends to drastically change the atmosphere of this block!


“Chuck”: Loves God, but walking the edge of Christ and the world and choosing wrong ways to make money. Doesn’t know how else to pay the bills. Feels bad, but doesn’t feel he has a choice. Needs money for rent to stay off the streets. Pray for wisdom in practical ways to help he and his wife get off of the street. 

“John”: He has a crazy life story, lives down the street in his family’s home. His entire family died in a car accident 6 years ago and he still hasn’t really covered. Starting to sell/donate a lot of stuff in the house that was left from family. He is a believer and says he’s close to God,  but isn’t part of a faith community. Pray for his sobriety, healing, and that we’d be able to build a relationship with him.


“Kiki”: Comes to every White as Snow and then we saw her getting arrested 8/2. Pray for salvation and restoration.


“Trey”: who has had multiple conversations with us about going to church and is very open. Pray that it happens.


Ray: Experiencing homelessness, kicked drug addiction for 12 yrs at some point, but alcohol still a problem. Not a huge fan of religion. Left a shelter because they prayed too much. Has lots of sores all over his body–allowed us to pray for him. His prayer requests: find his girlfriend Martha, get back into the music scene, healing for his body. Our request for him: salvation!!! Freedom from addiction.

Pray for the security guards on the street – for their safety, our growing relationships with them, and their salvation.


BH Team: Some people on our team are experiencing family health problems, or personal issues that are really hard on them.

Please keep them in prayer!

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