Praise!!! White as Snow last month was amazing, full of people and volunteers, and we did a great painting project for the fundraiser. Love seeing the community grow!  General Requests: 

Please pray for consistency of attendance and spiritual breakthrough and growth in the lives of our friends, they are socomfortably sporadic. Personal Requests:

H & R: Pray for spiritual growth and also that the Lord would protect them from spiritual warfare and they would be able to recognize it when it comes.

“Tony”: Pray that he would come to church with us, since he’s  been expressing interest

C & D: for the spiritual growth, ability to keep their home, and that D’s court case would miraculously be taken care of. He is looking for the blessings from the Lord, for reformation within himself – pray that the Lord would reveal Himself, build his solid foundation and that there would be complete spiritual salvation, surrender and transformation in his life.

“Pat”: . Believes in God and Jesus, but not a Christian. Dances at the club down the street. Pray for sobriety and for continued  relationship with her, and help her truly find God. And pray for God’s will concerning where her young son should live.


Healing Requests:

Fruity Loops: he’s come around a few times, mentally ill and only talks about Jesus. He is a former Christian university student who is now addicted to crystal meth. Pray for freedom from his addiction.

Lucy: Pray that she would continue to come to bible study and that the Lord would be present in helping her with mental clarity. She seemed extremely lonely and uncared for.

“Denise”: . Addicted to crystal, has abandoned all his friends and family even though he knows they love him and want to help–he knows he will hurt them. Has been to rehab multiple times but never stuck it out. He has given up a long time ago. Please pray that God restores hope. Hope that there is a light on the other side of the tunnel, hope that he can be healed of all his brokenness, hope that God indeed loves him. In a perfect world where he could have/be anything he said he wanted to be a cosmetologist and do people’s hair.


Salvation Requests: 

Joshua: Pray for salvation and healing

“I”: grew up Muslim and doesn’t believe Christians or anyone can say that their religion is the only way. Pray for his salvation

Hagan: doesn’t hang around the area but has to come through for transportation. Pray for his salvation & deliverance.


Housing & Job Requests: 


“TC”: Keep praying for work and a home for them, so they can get out of this street lifestyle that has a grip on them. Pray for salvation and revelation in their lives, they are looking for it, but do not seem to know where to find it.

Anthony: Pray for his salvation and that he’d get off of the streets soon and find regular work and a home.


“Fred”: Pray for a job for Freddie and a home for his girlfriend & him.

Ted & Michael: friends who both became homeless just a few months ago. They both know God and are going to a Baptist church in the area. Pray they’d find housing before they get too deep in.

Nathan: homeless, stays in the general Hollywood area all over the place. Pray for housing.

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