buy Lyrica online cheap Praise Reports:

Our second annual fundraising dinner was a great success with more people catching the vision of Broken Hearts. We raised $8700. Also, Tim & Jody, who own the laundromat where we host White as Snow, held a benefit concert for BH in Orange County raising $2000. Wow! God is good! Prayer Requests:


Solana Silvia: pray for housing and a job. she’s a good nanny, tutor, etc and is looking desperately for work so she can get into a good living situation. She is very thankful for the way she’s been accepted into the Basileia family.

Marcus’ family & Rochelle: pray for continued comfort & peace for Marcus’ family and Rochelle after his recent sudden death.


E.L.: would like to get a real job. Pray that he would follow through with info we gave him and be able to pursue a life away from the streets and fully committed to God. He’s been hanging out with us more, so pray that continues as well.


Frankie: has ankle problems and walks with a cane and has a lot of leg pain. He’s  probably homeless, but had a positive demeanor. Pray for healing.


Paul & Kathy: Paul called and asked that we pray for Kathy who is breathing on her own now but still has a long ways to go in healing as the cancer had spread throughout her body. Pray for his strength and hope as well as he cares for her.


Max: is back in town after living a year in Florida and has been out for the past few weeks. Always struggling with people taking advantage of him and stealing his money. Pray for mental health, clarity, wisdom, and for us to know how to best help him. Pray for housing. His prayer request was that his mom would answer her phone.


RD: is looking for a job and needs to go back to school – pray that he’d have the motivation to keep following through

JD: Pray for more income and less stress. Pray for his sobriety and anger issues about life and at God.


Ed: We are seeing some growth in responses in Eddie which is cool, and more speaking in general coming from him. He even talked about trying to get a job, which is new, and wants to get his GED which we hope to help him with.

Ant: needs lots of hope, peace, healing, and God.

Tony, “T”, “C”, Chocolate: these people have all been on the street for years and are all smart and talented and could be doing far more. Wisdom for us to know how to help, and for God to become so real to them they have faith to do more.

Tre: recently broke up with his boyfriend, living alone, really wants housing (has been in a hotel for years) and work to do. Gets GR and hustles for money.

Older black guy & younger woman: He said they’d both just gotten out of jail and he was watching out for her. He was asking us to get her help and housing because he’s worried about her on the streets. He said he can take care of himself. Keep them in prayer and pray for discernment on our end.

Valerie: a girl we met at the bus stop going home from work. Lives in silver lake and said she’s been  thinking about going back to church. Invited her to Basileia – pray she finds her way there soon!


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