Faisalābād “Erwin”: He’s ready to look for housing in Hollywood and pursue his GED  with our help and encouragement. Pray that he can find some affordable housing. Also pray that he would desire to leave his gang, which he can do and we talked about. Also keep praying for God to help him deal with his anger.

http://spidercreative.co.uk/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1623866650.1722960472106933593750 Wayne: Some of our friends came across him on Hollywood Blvd and dragged him with them to BH!!! Recently had gotten out of jail. Had a lot of questions during the service. Pray that God will give him great discernment and show him the truth of the Gospel, also for housing.

Raul: Pray for continued healing for Raul after being in the hospital for a week with internal bleeding. Doctors were not able to give him a diagnosis.

“Steve”: Asked good questions throughout the night recently. Asked that God would heal him and make him a man this week. He would also like prayer for his safety. He would like to hang with us more.

Sirivi: Pray for healthy boundaries in relationships i.e. when to say yes and when to say no in helping people. Also wisdom in a situation with Casey who is no longer living with him. Pray that he could find a local church (or bible study) where he feels comfortable and accepted but is also open to accountability. Also, for finances to get his Rx refilled. Also, that he would grow in trusting God in his spiritual walk.


Casey: Pray for housing, for God to give him strength and heal him after a breakup–he’s been quite depressed. For favor in getting a job as a security officer as this is what he’d like to do. that he’d forgive himself from recent actions toward friends he is regretting. Also, for continuing to stay off drugs.

Jonas: He’s looking for job again. Last work situation was pretty bad. But very thankful for his living situation!

C”: Skeptical of God and was not too open to the team, but he stuck around all night. Pray that God would save him from the destruction he’s heading for, freedom from drug use and that God wins his heart!

Alex: Please pray for him to realize the danger in meth, find work, get housing, and get off of the streets before he gets sucked in. Pray for his salvation as well.

Janet: Likely prostitutes and rarely talks to us much, but usually gets pizza. Pray for breakthrough in our relationship with him and for his salvation and safety.

inconsumably Slim: Pray for a job for him, looking for something like a warehouse job.


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