“Justin” Please pray for him to get off of the streets, find true identity in Christ, and that we’d be able to get to know him.
Please pray for “Taylor” to have safety and serenity, continue to come, have more opportunities for discipleship and be able to have a home to live in.
“Shawn” Please pray that we’d get more time for real talks, that he’d keep opening up, and that he could get housing.
“Andrew” came to Hollywood from Indianapolis would like for us to pray for him to have peace.
“Cody” would like prayer to help him record and post his spoken word. This could be a great way for him to form a bond.
Sirivi  would like to go to college once he finishes his current internship but may return to Ohio without a set plan. Pray for God’s leading in all of this.
“Don” needs prayer for freedom from anxiety, improved health, perseverance in getting resume together to apply for jobs, and being able to follow through with getting preparations to get the work that he desires.
“Dylan” Please pray that he continues to show up.

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