buy Lyrica 150 mg For the past 3 years, Broken Hearts volunteers have given Ken relational support on his journey to ending his homelessness. We’ve had the opportunity to help him connect to professional services, as well as a male mentor, both of which have played a crucial role in ending his 10 years without a place to call home. However, getting housed is never the end of the struggle. It has not been an easy road for Ken since finding a place to live – loneliness and tight finances cause daily struggles for Ken. Recent inflation has made it impossible to afford rent, medical and food. Ken has often had to chose paying rent over having food. Many people are helping by giving monthly food, but it’s not always enough. Professional agencies and his mentor continue to help Ken look for an assisted living facility with an in-house church and daily meals. Ken loves the Lord, is dedicated to prayer, and is a baseball fan!

Please pray for Ken as we support him relationally in finding a new place to call home!

ending homelessness with ken

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