Every Winter, churches in Hollywood come together to provide housing for some of the most vulnerable people in our city who have been experiencing homelessness chronically. No other cold-weather shelters exist in Hollywood, so it is always a special experience to see a variety of churches come together to serve in this way that is such a demonstration of the Kingdom of God. Three of Hollywood’s largest churches cover the first six weeks at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, and Broken Hearts has the privilege of filling in the gap in the last two weeks. We spear-head a mixture of smaller organizations and churches who want to serve but don’t have as many volunteers to make it happen.

autobiographically Every morning before the sun rises, and every night until almost everyone has gone to sleep, volunteers are there to make coffee, pack up lunches, serve and share dinner, and provide an activity and devotional time. Most importantly, though, we get to build relationships and spend time simply getting to know about 25 people who rarely receive positive attention or caring conversation. Over the years, many long-lasting relationships have come from the Hollywood Winter Shelter, and in some cases, we are able to bring in our friends from the street who we’ve met on Thursday nights.

order gabapentin canada We truly appreciate all of the hours and love that volunteers poured out during the 2016 Winter Shelter. A special thanks to:

  • Saddleback Hollywood
  • The Gathering LA
  • Hollywood Lutheran
  • Los Feliz Rotary Club
  • United Methodist
  • Seventh Day Adventist

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