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Broken Hearts doesn’t only serve at nighttime on the streets of Hollywood. We have a broader vision, and a love for God and his people that takes us to various opportunities, and even to other cities, to help end the issue of homelessness, love those experiencing it, and train those who want to help.

We often hear, “Wow, that’s so great you do that. I could never do something like that. I’d love to help, though, do you have any other needs?”

Well, the answer to that  is YES!

Here are some of the organizations and events we have partnered with recently. Check out the descriptions and photos – they may be something that you can participate in to get your feet wet.


broken hearts family outing

http://recochiropractic.com/uncategorized/avast-antivirus-assessment/ 1. Fun Outings with Friends – One of the best ways to build relationships is to do life together. We like to connect regularly with our friends to get away from the craziness of our cities and have some fun together!









http://uppermoretonfarm.co.uk/garden-view/ 2. Point in Time Homelessne http://blumberger.net/864-2 ss Counts – Over the years we have been a part of helping with homeless counts in Hollywood and Costa Mesa, which helps our cities understand the current needs for services and housing, and determine if homelessness is increasing or decreasing.

homeless count hollywood


Midtown Homelessness Coalition It takes a village to help get those who are chronically homeless off the streets. The Midtown Los Angeles Homeless Coalition is made up of local resident and business groups, government agencies, and social service organizations working together to address chronic homelessness in the Midtown Los Angeles Area.


Surveys for Homeless Services – Partnering with Ivy House and California Plus America Pageant with the support of LAPD to go out into the community to survey people experiencing homelessness to match them to housing.

midtown homeless coalition

To get more involved with volunteering in Costa Mesa or Hollywood, contact crystal@brokenheartsministry.org

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