Praise! – ‘Jake’ is in rehab and doing very well. We were able to visit him this weekend and will be able to take him to church this upcoming Sunday.


– who just got back to the streets. Pray that he’d make wise choices, stay out of trouble and violence, and continue to come to The Refuge. Pray that he would desire to turn to God in his heart, not just his head.

‘J’ – that he would apply to culinary school and possible get some part time work with Jeremiah’s dad. That he’d get out of dealing and that he’d find a real relationship with Jesus.

General – for the MANY, many people on the street who claim to know God with their mouths but have not surrendered their lives to him. Pray that they’d come to a saving knowledge of our Lord!

Prayer Ministry – for Thursday and Friday night prayer teams to grow and gain more members, as prayer is central to all we do.

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