Our History

http://hiperduct.ac.uk/buy-a-custom-paper In the fall of 2004, a freshman at Biola University named Robin Lauterjung had a burning desire to create change in the greater Los Angeles area. Her passion was to see female prostitutes set free from the horrific lifestyle they were sucked into. God took Robin’s passion and used it to affect other Biola students, calling them to a larger demographic: “The Broken.”  That core team of 4-5 students began the Broken Hearts ministry in East L.A. and Hollywood.

where do you buy accutane Where it was once hard to relate to this culture, God has used our own experiences with brokenness and the mending of our own hearts  by Him to help set the captives free. Truly, that state of brokenness is where we all start our path to freedom. Yet one wrong turn could -and often does – cause the lifestyle that our friends choose.

Masumbwe Life on the streets is similar to life behind bars. There is a sense of imprisonment by the lifestyle that has so quickly swept them up. Someone needs to bring them to the light that calls us out of destruction and into life. Unfortunately for most of the people we meet, that light has been burned out for a long time and it needs to be rekindled.

One way of rekindling the light is through relational evangelism. Which is why a small group of students who committed to going to Hollywood every week has now grown to a large group from various churches and universities going to the same place at the same time every week to build relationships and share the hope of the Gospel.