What We Do


  • Weekly Our ministry consists of three teams –  Thursday and Friday night street teams, and a prayer team.  From approximately 10pm to 1am, we hang out on the street and at the local shops in an effort to build relationships with the people who live and work there. We want to bring Jesus to an overlooked group of people that live their lives when most of the city is asleep.
  • Sharing Life – From attending church together to helping our friends move into housing or giving rides to appointments, we try to show them love and commitment that extends beyond Thursday and Friday nights. Special Events include Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, baseball games, movies, and other fellowship opportunities to demonstrate what Christian community looks like outside of street life.

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  • The Refuge Ministry– Our weekly Thursday and Friday midnight Bible study which allows us to engage people in a church-like atmosphere on their own turf.  We provide food and drinks and dive into small group discussions about what God is calling us to and how to get there.

http://greencleanohio.com/old_core RESOURCE PROVISION – We offer assistance through our partnerships with detoxification centers, group homes, shelters, Christian discipleship programs and job training centers. We also partner with local churches and ministries to provide additional resources and local connections for those seeking help.

  • Street Retirement Fund – a grant we provide to assist individuals in their efforts to get off – and stay off – the streets of our cities. We provide money and resources through partnerships to help individuals become self-sustainable in terms of long-term housing and employment. However, we  highly value the communal aspect of living life in the good times as well as the bad. Rather than simply give out money, we believe that the combination of resources and relational support (spiritually, emotionally and physically) is critical for such a transition and will help our friends achieve their goals.
  • White as Snow – In conjunction with local churches, we host a monthly laundry ministry called “White as Snow”. We invite the community to come and get their laundry done for free on the last Thursday of every month at 10pm. This is an opportunity for any individual or church interested in serving the neighborhood or finding out more about the ministry to come and be a part of what we do.
  • Training & Equipping – Broken Hearts believes in not only equipping our teams for street ministry, but to be a training ground for those involved at street level in any and all cities. That may look like a Group Missions Trip, one-time Exposure Night, or  our Street Ministry 101 training course.

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