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We’ve All Got Dirty Laundry

Laundry. A mundane aspect of our lives we think little about except when we open up an empty sock drawer, or the perfect jeans for those cute shoes we want to wear are dirty. So it’s surprising how washing someone’s clothes can have such a big impact on a person – or an entire area. […]

Broken Hearts Presents: Street Ministry 101

Broken Hearts Presents: Street Ministry 101

Broken Hearts Ministry, in conjunction with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and The Hollywood Hub, is excited to present Street Ministry 101 – an opportunity for fellow organizations and individuals to learn how to better help the overlooked and underprivileged people in our communities.

Ah, Hollywood…

1.27.12 Friday night from Nate’s perspective: 10:57 I arrived at the laundromat where we do our Broken Hearts bible study every other Friday. The parking lot is completly filled and there are some funky lights and a crowd of folks inside the laundromat. I quickly spotted the owner of the laundromat who is a friend, […]