Prayer Team

What we believe

The Broken Hearts Prayer ministry exists on the premise that salvation is God’s work, not man’s. While God graciously allows us to be a part of his salvation work, and even commands us to share the Gospel story with the world, it is wholly and only a Holy Spirit work that draws a human being to Himself.  Thus the prayer ministry serves to plead with God on behalf of the hearts of our dear friends in Hollywood.  We know that God hears our prayers, and that for whatever reason He chooses to work and answer when we pray to Him.  We believe we are in intimate relationship with God, and prayer is simply a pouring out of our hearts to the One our souls love.  He hears us and loves us.

We believe that prayer and ministry must go hand-in-hand.  There is so much need that it is often easy to get caught up in the work and forget to talk to God about it in the midst of the busyness. Our hope for the Broken Hearts prayer ministry is that we will be able to support our brothers and sisters in prayer – in pleading with God on behalf of the broken – while they are out on the streets spreading the name and hope of our one true love, Jesus Christ.

What we do

We begin by praying with the team, and when they go out we will continue to pray for them and for the work on the streets.  We invite small groups to come and pray for the streets before, during and/or after we are out there, or to pray from home. People will be there praying until 2:00am or until the team returns. Prayer team currently walks the street while the team is out, though this may change in the future.

If you would like to get involved with any aspect of prayer please contact